Be Proud of Your Healthy Lifestyle

It can be hard in today’s world to be healthy and stay healthy. It can be even harder to feel good about your healthy lifestyle. We have so many choices of what to eat and how to live, a person can truly indulge in everything they love. But buyer beware. We live in a nation of pre-packaged, quick, on the go food. Our time easily disappears on us, yet you stand above all the obstacles. You live a healthy lifestyle. You eat well and workout daily (and then some). Be proud. Be proud of your healthy lifestyle!

Anyone who “watches what they eat” knows that in reality, the majority of the time it’s others who are watching what you eat. You go out to lunch or dinner with a friend and you order a salad. This salad has some sort of protein on top, veggies galore, maybe even a little cheese, but then you ask for the dressing on the side. Whoever you’re with makes some sort of comment: “Oh you’re on a diet? You’re going to still be hungry.” No I’m not on a diet and no I won’t still be hungry. Others judgement and prejudice are everywhere, so forget it. You enjoy feeling fulfilled from a salad, because you don’t need to stuff your face. You enjoy looking out for your body by avoiding awful foods. You’re proud to make a healthy choice, even at a restaurant.


I can’t count the number of times I’ve been on the receiving end of a comment like the one above, but I don’t ever let it bother me. We all choose how we want to live our lives. That’s the benefit of living in the 21st century, so be proud of your choice to live healthy. Don’t be confined by the primitive ideas about food and what you’re “supposed to be” eating. What you eat is your choice. The same goes for when you want to splurge with a sandwich and French Fries. Eat those bad boys with a smile and stop caring what anyone thinks. More importantly, don’t guilt yourself afterwards. You made the choice to indulge and one “unhealthy” meal won’t break your lifestyle. It actually helps make it sustainable.

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The same goes for comments about how much one exercises. Anyone who truly loves to exercise has heard the noise: “I don’t know how you get up to run.” “You’re just so good to stay committed.” Backhanded compliments are still compliments, but the funny thing is, once you truly love working out it’s not about commitment or getting yourself up in the morning. It’s an integral part of your day, something you need to feel whole and have the kind of day you like. It becomes apart of you, just like drinking water, eating and sleeping. Yet it’s still something to be proud of. Don’t you forget it.


While friends and family usually mean no harm with their comments and judgment, they unintentionally bestow upon you their own shortcomings. Simply smile, nod and let it roll off your back. They’re trying to connect with you, even if it’s misguided. Stay proud of your healthy lifestyle and it will rub off on others. Keep doing what you’re doing. Live your healthy lifestyle proudly, regardless of how those around you live. You do you kids!


Mandi Mellen is Lead Editor, Staff Writer, and Featured Vlogger at BuzzChomp. She’s an actress, writer, and producer. Get lost in her youtube comedy channel PillowTalk TV. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram


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