Baby Wearing Aids Your Child’s Development

baby wearing

All parents want to help their kids, but what if we could help ourselves at the same time? Baby wearing frees you up and aids your child’s development. Rachel Burns explores how.


Baby wearing is certainly convenient, but did you know that carrying your child in a particular way can aid their development? Well, it’s true! Not only have I experienced this first hand as a mom, I’ve seen how its helped countless other families as well. Let’s explore how baby wearing has a positive impact on our children.

You may or may not be familiar with baby wearing, but it is a practice that has been around since the dawn of time. It is all about carrying your little one around with you on your body. This can involve using baby carrying slings, a baby carrier, or even a backpack. In essence, there are a remarkable number of carrying baby variations that span across cultures and countries.

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When looking to purchase baby based items, whether you’re trying to find the best nursing cover or bottle, you want to consider the pros and cons. With so many options available, you want to consider what effects a particular baby carrying pouch will have on your child. The good news is that overall, baby wearing has a positive impact on a child’s development.


How Baby Wearing Helps


Social and Cognitive Development

If you are wearing your little child rather than having them sit uncomfortably in a stroller, pack ‘n play or car seat, you can socially engage with them more. When they are right next to you, you can explain to them all about the world around you in real-time. Your child will hear everything there is to know, plus you can improve their language learning ability. 

When a child finds themselves in different settings with you, wearing them will help stimulate all of their senses. They can pick up the sensation of walking when you are moving along with them. Once you stop suddenly, the child will also feel you stop. If you laugh, they will feel it and may laugh too. Every change of scene and movement can be thrilling for your little one. Its the best way for them to experience your world with you.

Preventing Flat Head Syndrome

When children stay on their back for prolonged periods in the first year of their life, they can risk the development of flat head syndrome, known as plagiocephaly. It is a harrowing condition that may mean your baby will have to wear a helmet for a while. However, it is completely preventable if you wear your baby instead of having them lie on their back all the time in a chair or baby swing.


baby wearing
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Body Temperature and Heart Rate

Did you know that if you are carrying your baby and keep them next to your body, it can help to stabilize your child’s heart rate? Well, it’s true. It is important because your baby’s heart rate can get too high or too low at various times of the day. Natural regulation through baby wearing is a great solution, plus it can help stabilize their body temperature as well.

Fighting Colic

As a parent, you can feel completely desperate when your child begins to cry and you’re unable to make them stop. Colic is a common cause of this stress and colicky babies often have impaired development. We know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help your child, so don’t ignore the obvious. Baby wearing will help calm your child down effectively.

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Experts believe that the additional human contact is what helps to calm a baby. Knowing that there is someone around to help them and feeling them right there provides immediate benefits. As your little child is kept more upright, this can also help their stomach, keeping the content at the bottom of the stomach. It makes them more comfortable as a result.

Better Sleep for Baby

If you are still unconvinced about the benefits of baby-carrying backpacks, slings, or pouches, there is no denying that your child loves to be around other humans. Your touch and presence calms them down and helps your child feel relaxed. By wearing your child close to you, they will be far less stressed and will cry much less frequently. That is good news for both parent and child! Plus, when your child feels skin against theirs, they can gain extra weight and ultimately sleep better.


When thinking about purchasing a device for carrying your baby, be sure to make a decision that benefits both you and your child. You and your loved one should be as comfortable as possible, plus parenting needs to be as stress free as you can make it. Let the bond between parent and child grow strong, and let your baby develop the way you would want them to. What is your favorite way to carry your baby? Tell us in the comments section below.


baby wearing


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