Baby First Halloween: Fun Ideas To Make It Memorable!

I love Halloween! I have loved Halloween since I was a child, so I’ve been super excited to share my love of this spooky holiday with my baby. We have four fun ideas to make your baby first Halloween memorable!


Halloween is amazing! I’ve loved it since I was little, and have been waiting to share my love of Halloween with my little girl. But lets face it, she’s only seven months old, so she’s not going to remember it. That’s not going to stop us and it shouldn’t stop you either! Four fun ideas to make Baby First Halloween a memorable one!

Embrace Halloween themed clothing! I bought Halloween leggings for my baby back in April. Yes, that is right, my baby was born in March and by April she had Halloween leggings. I love all the cute little Halloween outfits out there. I also got my daughter a super cute Halloween onesie! There are so many cute outfits to choose from and if you haven’t gotten one for your baby, have no fear, they’re on sale everywhere!

Dress your baby up in their costume more than once! I’ve already dressed Maddi up in her Halloween costume. My husband and I put her in it for a comedy video we did. Baby Superhero versus the Halloween Monster! She is Batgirl and I love that we already put her in her costume. It was super fun seeing her crawling around with a cape and leotard. I’m excited for her to wear it for Halloween as well. I already have some pictures, but I’m equally as excited to really pose her in it. My ideas are flowing and I want to get her cape to fly. Since she’s sitting up real well, I know we’ll be able to get some more great pictures!

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Find a baby friendly event! The best part about having a baby is that they’re free to go to most events until they’re 2-3 years old. Also, babies can truly be brought just about anywhere. My baby loves to be worn in her carrier. She can see out to the world and if she gets sleepy, she just closes her eyes! There are so many awesome pumpkin patches in Los Angeles. They’re super fun to walk around and we’ve already exposed our baby to pumpkins. She likes to ‘chat’ with them and touch them!



Document this Halloween as much as you can! Like I said above, we already have pictures of Maddi in both of her Halloween outfits. It was just the first round of her Halloween adventure. I’m going to take even more pictures of her when she wears them again. My husband and I also created a comedy video of Maddi in her costume and Halloween outfit. It was so much fun watching her dress up and I can’t wait to show her the video one day! It’s super fun and silly. I love that we did it! Maddi is so cute as a superhero.

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Your ‘Baby First Halloween’ really is for you more than it is for the baby, but so what! Those were just four fun ideas to makes your baby’s first Halloween a memorable one. If you have traditions that you already do with your family, definitely bring your new baby into it. If you don’t have any traditions, then make them! My hubby and I love carving out our pumpkins, so we will continue to do that even if this year our baby can’t enjoy helping us just yet.

Happy Halloween! Make sure your Baby First Halloween is memorable!




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