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5 Awesome Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts on Amazon!

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, but don’t worry if you haven’t gotten your dad a gift. We have five awesome last minute Father’s Day gifts on Amazon!


This will be my second Father’s Day where I need to get my man a Father’s Day gift, as well as my dad. I’ll be honest, my dad is super easy to shop for because he always wants the exact same thing for every occasion. He loves Bloomingdales gift cards. But not all dads are so simple, so if your dad is not a creature of habit like mine, you’ll need to go shopping. Our last minute Father’s Day gifts are perfect because they’re all on Amazon, meaning shipping is fast and free!

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I’ve compiled a list for those dads that require something special. My top five awesome last minute Father’s day gifts are all on Amazon. I absolutely love to online shop because it makes my life so much easier. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go into a store, but I find it harder with my baby to get to the mall. It’s such a process grabbing everything she needs, making sure I have food, water, an extra set of clothes, and all that jazz. This list is all we need!

All of these last minute Father’s day gifts are available through Amazon Prime, so you don’t have to worry about it not getting there on time. There is something for every style of man on my list!

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts


Is your man or dad planning to road trip this summer? This Coleman portable grill is perfect for him! You don’t have to worry about hitting up a camp site, beach, or national park. He’ll have his grill handy and ready to go. Don’t worry about the size of this grill because it’s collapsible which makes it perfect to fit in any trunk! If your man or dad is a grilling man, this is for him!

Is your man or dad a gadget man? This one is for him then! I would totally get this for my man if we owned our place or if we had a bit better lighting setup in our apartment. Depending on the time of day, season, or even holiday season, you can play with color temperatures and tones. This is definitely one of those fun gifts for a niche audience, but what a way to completely change the landscape of your home by having one of these Bluetooth light bulbs.

This acupressure mat and pillow looks amazing! I know I would like someone to get me this. Make sure you click on the link above because there are options for sellers where shipping is Prime! If your man or dad is active, then this is for them. It’s hard work playing with the kids, along with keeping yourself fit, and all of us are bound to need some release in our backs. This mat looks amazing and it boasts 10-30 minutes of daily use to ease pain in your back, aid digestion, and insomnia.

All of us are guilty of not taking care of important parts of our bodies. The feet are one of them and this foot massage tool looks absolutely amazing. I often forget how the pressure points in our feet release a myriad of muscle tensions, aches, pains, and so much more in our body. This is definitely something that I know most dads won’t buy for themselves, so if you have a man or dad who’s receptive to self-care and healing, this is for that man in your life!

For the dad who loves matcha and wants to make it at home, this set is for him. I love matcha, but if you make it at home it’s hard to whisk it so it doesn’t become lumpy. This set has all the necessities your man or dad needs to make his own delicious cup of matcha. I’m all for bringing this delicious drink into the home.



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