Austrian Daredevil Jumping From Space

Austrian Daredevil Felix Baumgartner is jumping from 23 miles up.  SPACE.  He’s jumping from space.  Reports are that his mom wept right before the launch.

Baumgartner is trying to break the previous record holder Joe Kittinger of 19 miles.  Baumgarter will free fall for a total of 5 minutes before entering the thicker layer of atmosphere.

Because of the extreme height he actually has a chance of breaking the sound barrier.  No human being on a free fall has broken the barrier before.

“It goes to show there are still challenges to overcome and you should never lose sight of trying to achieve them,” Baumgartner stated on his website.

23 miles is equivalent of 120,000 feet.  Can’t wait to see his helmet cam footage on Youtube.


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