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August Survival Buyer’s Guide: Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the sun is for everyone with these great buys. The best deals on your end of summer items. August Survival Buyer’s Guide via Amazon and BuzzChomp.

Reinvigorate yourself and embrace the end of summer. Funky shoes, a blender for party drinks, and fun workout clothes highlight our August Buyer’s Guide.

Before fall swings in, get out there and have some fun in the sun.

It’s time for our August Survival Buyer’s Guide!

Check back at the beginning of each month for another unique guide. Every month is different, and we all need help to survive.


Tom’s Glitter Shoes


Both comfortable and fashionable, these Tom’s shoes will get you tons of compliments. Where them all summer and into the winter, just add socks. Get out in the sun with some shiny new footwear. My favorite are the Pink Glitter.


Cuisinart Blender


Be free and end the summer with a splash, by making margaritas of course. Feel free to indulge in other mixed drinks, healthy smoothies, or even a milk shake. Just enjoy the sun while it lasts, with an ice-cold blended drink.


Sexy Workout Tank Top


Sweat outside while it’s still nice and hot in a sexy workout tank top. Everyone deserves to feel sexy, and a tank top is perfect. Where it to the beach, or get in some actual exercise!


Tom’s Classic Navy Men’s Shoe


Not just for the ladies, Tom’s shoes are super comfortable and stylish for men too! Dress your man up in casual shoes and he’ll thank you later. Just tell him it was his idea.

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Under Armour Women’s Running Shorts


Under Armour makes a great light-weight running short, with a pocket for your keys, and nice inner lining. Stay stylish while exercising, and get out doors in the sun! Nothing beats a comfortable pair of shorts.


Under Armour Men’s Running Shorts


Just like for the ladies, these running shorts are perfect for a long run, or just some time out in the sun. Find yourself a running buddy, then buy him shorts. Comfortable, light-weight, and made for exercise.


Under Armour Men’s Tank


Not to be left out, this is a great tank top for men. Dressing down when its hot out is key, especially while exercising. This tank lets you breathe and looks great.


Beer Guzzling Hat


This one is all fun. Its hot and you need to have as much liquid on you at all times, as possible. Enter the Beer Guzzling Hat. Now you can carry your water bottle in one hand, and two drinks on your head. Spice up any occasion with this fun and eye-catching accessory.



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