This Arm Challenge Will Make You Cut!

Another 30 Day Challenge is in the books and hot damn, this arm challenge will make you cut! After finishing a full body fitness challenge last month, I was totally craving a focus on my arms and this month was all about it!


This month’s arm challenge is three exercises, simple enough but not stagnant. Its what initially drew me to it. I’ve done the push-up challenge and loved it, but it’s only push-ups. There’s no variety. I’ve also done challenges, like the Beach Body Challenge last month, which have a crazy amount of exercises. This challenge has push-ups, dips and mountain climbers. Sold! You do all three exercises each day, which I love. This ensures that you’re working your full arm the whole time!

Don’t get scared by an all out assault on your arms. This challenge is well paced and has rest days. Check out the Full Challenge Chart down below. The first time you rest is on the 5th day, then seven days later and every seven days thereafter. The first rest day is nice and offers a solid re-group before working your arms for the next six days straight. The timing is perfect because just as the soreness in your arms sneaks up on you, there’s your rest. I was ALWAYS craving that rest day. Since I started this challenge on a Monday, every rest day was a Friday. Score!

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The best part about this challenge is that it sneaks up on you. Like many 30 day challenges, it begins slow and then smacks you in the face with its difficulty. I love that! You get the chance to feel confident with the workout before really pushing yourself. The first day starts off with 6 tricep dips, 4 push-ups and 8 mountain climbers. That’s it. But don’t let the numbers fool you, its the build up that is challenging. The final day is only 12 tricep dips, 12 push-ups and 25 mountain climbers. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it allows you to really work on your form!

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Many fitness challenges make it hard to hone in on form and sculpt your muscles. You’re asked to do 40 or more push-ups and you easily lose it, along with your confidence. This arm challenge is the opposite, but you still feel fatigued. Its hard to do a set of perfect push-ups! My arms feel amazing though. I’ve always been into push-ups, but I’d get lazy doing them. When I’d work out with my man, he’d yell at me to do my push-ups slower. This challenge let me perfect that! The same goes for dips. Tricep dips can be hard and if you want to do a lot of them, you can easily lose form. With this challenge it’s slow and steady! Slow and steady will make you cut.

I love fitness challenges that are approachable, and this arm challenge definitely is. It’s perfect for all fitness levels. It’s also a great way to get into 30 day challenges. I love doing these each month, but they can definitely be intimidating. This challenge is not, so let it be a great addition to your daily workouts. It motivated me to want to workout even more and to keep working my arms!

In the end, my favorite part of this 30 day challenge was doing it with my fitness buddy. Having one makes exercise way more fun, so I highly recommend taking on this challenge with a friend. I did this challenge with my man and we both loved it! It’s fun to push one another and to discuss the challenge! Both of us highly recommend it.

This challenge is a must! It will make you cut. Start it today and keep me posted on your progress!




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