A perfectly paced 30 day Core Challenge!


I’m addicted to 30 day challenges; I just love them. But it wasn’t until attacking my most recent core challenge, that I finally found a perfectly paced challenge. It was exactly what I wanted out of this month’s challenge! This core challenge is perfect for beginners and advanced fitness addicts alike. I highly recommend it, a perfectly paced 30 day challenge.

Last month I did a VERY intense ab challenge (check out my review), and every moment of that bad boy was intense. So this month I needed a change of pace, and that’s exactly what the core challenge was! It’s another three-exercise challenge: push ups, forearm plank (second plank), and plank reaches. It works your core and your arms, but best of all is perfectly paced for summer. Here is the link to the whole challenge: I’m skilled in the way of push-ups and forearm plank, but I’d never done plank reaches before. I’m so glad that I learned how to do them, because these bad boys are awesome! They’re super simple and a lot of fun. It’s exactly how it sounds; you hold forearm plank and reach your left arm forward and then switch to your right arm. That’s it!


Core Challenge

The core challenge starts off light and extremely simple with 6 push-ups, 15 second plank, and 10 plank reaches. It builds up over thirty days to finish with 60 push-ups, 45 second plank, and 60 plank reaches. The best part is, you can break those reps into as many sets as necessary. Every fourth day is your rest day, with a 60 second plank and 10 plank reaches. Of all the 30 day challenges I’ve done, this is by far the most perfectly paced. I know what you’re thinking, 60 push-ups, are you crazy? No, it’s not at all crazy.

These challenges always recommend breaking up your exercises, your reps, into manageable sets. But in this case it’s a necessity, and breaking up the push-ups is ideal! I broke mine into sets of 10-15 push-ups depending on the day. I’d only break for a few seconds in between, and it was a perfect way to do push-ups. On that 30th day I felt STRONG kids! I did each of my sets of push-ups with ease. I was able to slowly push down and push back up. Remember, if you’re new to push-ups you can drop down to your knees and do them assisted. You’re only cheating yourself if you do half-assed push-ups, so take the assist and keep working hard.


Plank reach

Every fitness challenge is unique, and the best part about the core challenge is that it’s just a little extra exercise added to your daily workout. I’ve done challenges that truly feel like a complete workout. Even last month’s ab challenge ended up being a complete workout, but this one did not. The core challenge felt like a perfect addition to my normal workout routine. It complimented everything I was doing that day, and was exactly what I needed this month!

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The core challenge is a GREAT way to get into 30 day challenges, and an excellent first challenge. It’s a very approachable fitness challenge and is perfectly paced for all skill levels. Each day gets progressively more difficult, but in the nicest way possible. Even if you’re skilled in the ways of 30 day challenges, the core challenge is a wonderful addition for the month, especially if you’re looking for something less extreme. I highly recommend it kids!


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