A CMS Coming To A Website Near You.

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CMS which stands for a Content Management System is growing in popularity. The top three are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. (According to http://w3techs.com/. ) For web developers, you can surprise your clients by stating you need to develop their site in a CMS. It sounds too technical, their response would be, “Whatever, just build my website”.

Some would say, “Great I’d like to be able to upload my own photos.”I started using a CMS almost exclusively for one major point; stability on each browser. Today, with constant updates from Safari, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer, I needed a site to work on all of them. As much as I designed with a solid framework of CSS and HTML, I kept having browser issues. Using an invisible gif at times to push text or a photo to look perfect.
Perhaps, I’m confessing too much. I like the process to be more creative, not tearing my hair out at 3 o’clock in the morning because a website still doesn’t look right in Internet Explorer 9. Which script is conflicting with what have you. The newer CMS’s and their templates have been test run, are solid, and can then be modified to fit your client’s desires.

Yes, from a customer’s point of view a site designed in either Joomla, or WordPress is a benefit. You can log in yourself update a photo or text as needed. Of course, there will always be customer’s that need help, but for the tech savvy ones, it’s very empowering.

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