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A Castle For Christmas Review is all about the pure romance cheese. This is a Christmas romance movie and follows the classic guidelines for this style film!


A Castle For Christmas review is all about the pure romance cheese! If Romance is your thing then this is your film. It plays up the cheese big time even having the lead character be a romance best selling author! Check out our quick review below.

Quick Review

This film stars Brooke Shields and Carey Elwes so it’s definitely older people finding love, but hey no matter your age everyone needs some love! This is definitely one of my favorite styles of Christmas movies.

Sophie (Brooke Shields) escapes to Scotland after her latest book is not received well. She killed off her main love interest. Her father grew up in the village she retreats to where she finds the castle his family worked at. The grumpy Duke of the Castle needs to sell it due to the town’s bankruptcy.

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I love the cheese Christmas movies and the ones where people fall in love. Of course, Sophie and the Duke do not like each other at first! He takes her deposit on the castle and hopes that by Christmas he will drive her crazy, forfeiting her huge deposit, and making him the owner of the castle again.

A Castle For Christmas is so cute. Brooke Shields looks fabulous in it. She is very fit. Her and Carey Elwes are super cute together. Check out our quick review and share with me your thoughts on this Christmas movie.

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