5 Easy Tips to Quit Sugar!

We are about to plunge into the time of year when each upcoming holiday and party encourages us to indulge. Please eat me, it’s the best sugar you’ll ever taste. With candy, pies, cakes, cookies and so much more being thrown at us, how do you stop the insanity? I’ve got 5 easy tips to quit sugar, and make the holiday sugar rush disappear.

I feel liberated since kicking my sugar habit. It’s an amazing feeling that’s within your grasp. I was at a birthday party last weekend and everyone was indulging in sugar. There were multiple desserts filling the table, and I was the only one who did not make a plate. My desire for a piece of pie, a piece of cake, and a cupcake was gone. Here are my tips to quit, since all that sugar isn’t going anywhere.

First, evaluate your sugar intake. This includes breads, dairy, fruit, and extraneous sugar hiding in non-dessert foods. Be honest about what you’re eating and read those food labels. When I first decided to end my love affair with sugar, I did research on my favorite foods to find which I’d be giving up. Lots of things had added sugar, and lots of foods surprised me. Laughing Cow Cheese has sugar added to it. I used to eat one of these bad boys a day, but not anymore. Check your breads too, because a lot of sliced bread has added sugar. Take stock of your diet and the foods that must go.

Fit young woman fighting off bad food isolation on a white background

Fit young woman fighting off bad food isolation on a white background

Second, embrace your motivation. You need to be strong and determined to succeed, so make sure you know your reason for kicking sugar. I quit sugar initially as a personal challenge to myself. I wanted to experience my diet without added sugar for thirty days, as well as see the effect it had on my body. I needed to see it to believe it, because added sugar adds weight and alters our bodies and our moods. I had no doubt I’d finish my challenge, but I had no idea I was permanently changing my way of life for good. Your own motivation needs to be clear and overpowering!

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Third, plan your menus. Your old diet is now dead, and breaking that habit requires focus. You’ve evaluated your sugar intake, so now it’s time to plan what you’ll be eating. This should be fun! I figured out the foods I knew I’d miss, and found ways to make my own versions. My homemade granola bars and homemade salsa turned out amazing! By planning my own menu, I found inspiration for homemade alternatives to sugar-laden foods I once loved.


Fourth, grab a buddy! Having a common goal with someone else does wonders for your morale kids. During my thirty days of no added sugar, my man joined me about halfway through. I knew from the start he was going to join the challenge, which totally motivated me to keep going. It also made life so much easier and more fun once we were a team. Plus, we both stuck to our new diets afterwards! I was able to talk about the experience with someone else, plan meals, and find fun new foods!

Finally, drink lots of water. The first week I quit sugar, I definitely felt a little hung over. It’s a detox, so it’s super important to drink a lot. If you’re not the biggest fan of water, try adding lemon, lime, orange, or cucumber. I normally drink a lot of water, but I still needed to load up even more while quitting sugar. I needed it.

Kicking your sugar habit just in time for the holidays will give you control. It’ll give you the opportunity to pick and choose what desserts you really want to indulge in, and skip all the rest. Or maybe you decide that you’re done with sugar treats all together. Go for it! Make sure you prepare yourself and quit sugar!



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