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Not every movie coming out is with superheroes, but lots are! We rate the 2018 new movies by excitement level, starting with the spring and summer releases.


There are so many new movies coming out this 2018! Todd Salem ranked these top 10 films by excitement level and Dan and I decided to do the same! These 2018 new movies come out in the spring and summer! It’s our top 10 films up on the BuzzChomp Youtube channel.

You thought 2017 was the year of the superheroes? Think again! 2018 is jam-packed with superheroes. The 2018 new movies in spring and summer include Black Panther, Deadpool 2, Antman 2, The Avengers: Infinity War, and The Incredibles 2. How excited are you for these films?

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Dan and I break down our excitement and we definitely differ from one other, as well as from Todd’s view. Besides the superhero craze, you can catch Ocean’s 8, A Wrinkle in Time, Isle of Dogs, and Jurassic World 2. The one movie that Dan, Todd, and I all agree on is the new Wes Anderson movie, Isle of Dogs! It’s not every year that Wes Anderson has a new film out.

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What 2018 new movies are you excited about? Make sure you come back next week for the fall and winter edition! This video spotlights the top 10 2018 new movies of spring and summer.

Mandi and Dan love TV and Movies!

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