2015 Music Festivals: The Complete Guide

Another summer is nearly upon us and that means the marquee music festivals are putting out the finishing touches on their lineups. The early bird tickets are all bought up and it’s time for the procastinators to pay their post Spring premiums.

The geographical diversity of the summer schedule allows anyone in the U.S. to attend a festival without traveling more than a couple hundred miles from their house. That is unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska, where a quick flight will get you to where the action is. Yet rest assured, there is plenty of action in states 49 and 50.

Not only are these events spread throughout the country, they also cover the music genre spectrum pretty widely as well. You will find a mix that’s more diverse than Queens, NY if you are able to attend enough music festivals.

The EDM crowd is already off to the races this season with their next big event being the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas.  Then as the summer winds down in September, electronica fanatics can’t miss TomorrowWorld down in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

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If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, the rock and folk scene options are pervasive. From Firefly to Coachella, there are plenty of bands you’ll recognize and even more that you won’t, but the high quality talent is guaranteed. Although these events are drawing upwards of 100K people, if you are one of the lucky ones headed to Lollapalooza, you’ll be rubbing sweaty shoulders with over 250,000 ravenous music fans in their element. This monster festival has the gravitational force to draw in the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and Metallica. There’s essentially something for everyone, with headliners who have transcended fame.

The hardcore fans who have absolutely no responsibilities can take a shot at the ultimate tour and attend the top 16 festivals across the United States. For a meager investment, just north of $4,000, you will get past the front gates, which won’t be easy, with over 20,000 miles of road to look forward to. This quest isn’t for the faint of heart, but you’ll be sure to pick up a few stories along the way. Long live the journey.

Below is an infographic that breaks down the when, where, how, and even why for all the biggest festivals this country has to offer in the summer of 2015:


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