10 Best Science Fiction TV Series of All Time

Limitless possibilities await those who embrace Science Fiction TV series. What shows are the all-time best? This is my top 10 list with time travel, aliens, and the multiverse.


There are a ton of great Science Fiction TV series, but these are the 10 best of all-time! I’ve ranked them based on influence and impact, including only shows I’ve watched. Time travel, aliens, and the multiverse are my favorite themes. But I made room for robots too.

I offer ten great science fiction TV series, plus a bonus. All of these shows are worth watching, regardless of how many seasons they lasted. What is your favorite Sci-Fi series?


My 10 Best Science Fiction TV Series:

  1. Battlestar Galactica
  2. Fringe
  3. Westworld
  4. Counterpart
  5. Star trek (the original)
  6. Sliders
  7. Rick and Morty
  8. Timeless
  9. V
  10. Falling Skies
  11. [BONUS] Time Traveling Bong


There are several great Science Fiction TV series I have yet to watch that certainly belong on this all-time list. Doctor Who, Stargate, and Black Mirror are all on my ‘to watch’ list, but since I couldn’t speak to them, they don’t make the current top 10.

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We have new videos each week on the best new shows out of Hollywood, so make sure you’re subscribed. Science Fiction is great, but when it meets reality it’s even better! What did you think of the top ten list? We can’t wait for the next great show to come along!

Science Fiction TV Series continue to blow our minds! There’s no limit to the insane story lines of these shows, so we will discuss them all on BuzzChomp.

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