Will Heroes Reborn Redeem the Franchise?


Last week, we were taunted with a promotional trailer for the coming 13-episode miniseries Heroes Reborn, a sequel to NBC’s panned show of a few years back.

While the trailer for the new season of the resurrected show is about the show and references the show, it didn’t seem to actually show any of the show.

A few days later, the promo made room for a legitimate trailer with dates, dialogue, expectations and past actors we are familiar with. The plot is still a complete question mark, but the message is abundantly clear from either preview: the world is in trouble, and it needs heroes.

What is the time frame of this reboot? Assuming it’s a sequel or continuation, doesn’t the repeated “where are all the heroes?” message and the fact that the world is such a dark and dreary place then imply that the past group of heroes messed everything up? I’m not sure if this is a good or bad premise to begin a new season on.

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On the one hand, the first iteration of Heroes floundered faster than a video game character falling into out-of-bounds water. Rebooting on the basis then that those guys messed everything up is kind of brilliant. On the other hand, if that group of Peter, Hiro (who will be back for the new miniseries) and the rest of the supreme beings couldn’t get their act together, what hope does this new group have? In this instance, ‘hope’ refers to the heroes’ chances of saving the day in the face of danger as well as the characters being successfully written into scenarios where they can do the former. Both could be long-shots.

There is still much to learn about new Heroes. We don’t yet know all the actors and characters that will be involved. We don’t know the plot. All we know for sure is what those teasers offered. There will be flying, evil glares and horned-rimmed glasses. Despite the failure of the first iteration, that’s enough to get me in front of my television for episode one, but we’ll need something else to get me back for episodes two, three, and so forth.



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