Why you should be watching Girls!

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I’ve screamed it from the roof top and I’ll do it again. I love Girls! The hilarious television show; get your mind out of the gutter. I was elated for the premier back in January and the second season has been just as dynamic and amazing as the first! HBO already picked up Girls for a third season. Damn straight! More Girls! Let me fill you in as to why you should be watching.

The characters! My first article on Girls was all about the characters and so far after four episodes of season two they are full on amazingly crazy! Hannah has of course dumped two boys, kicked her roommate Elijah out and gotten into a major catfight with her best friend Marnie for sleeping with her ex-boyfriend / ex-roommate. Let’s not forget he’s also gay. Yes! Crazy! But we all do it, right? We continue to hold attachments to people from our past, regardless of whether we could EVER be with them again! That’s the best part about Girls. We all know someone who has done something like this, if you haven’t done it yourself.

More characters! My favorite this season is Jessa. She’s making the show for me! Jessa is completely crazy in a good way. She married Thomas-John, played by the awesome Chris O’Dowd, after barely knowing him. So of course their relationship ends badly. Jessa stayed true to her character, a free-spirit who does what she wants. But like all of us, she broke down over her dissolving relationship. When she blew snot rockets all in Hannah’s tub, was she upset that her relationship ended or that she’d put herself in a position to get hurt? And she totally blew up every guy’s fantasy of two naked ladies in a tub but floating boogers around. Loved it!

Relationships! I’m totally pining for Charlie and Marnie to get back together. I’ve known couples like the two of them; together for a long time but something doesn’t work and when they do finally break up they just can’t quit each other. It doesn’t matter that Charlie has a new girlfriend, Audrey. She’s just a wannabe Marnie anyway. A total rebound girl for Charlie. He’s not over Marnie and Marnie is SO not over him. Damn it you two, either be together or not, but please get back together!

Honesty rules! Girls is honest and it doesn’t make excuses for itself. It exposes the lives of a certain part of society in an open and real way. That’s why everyone should watch! Let’s be honest, there’s no clear path for us twenty somethings to take anymore. And that’s how I like it! But seriously, it can be really tough as a female in your twenties. No one tells you how to survive on your own when you graduate college, but we’re all expected to make an income, live independently and create a life for ourselves. HBO’s group of Girls is doing just that, any way they can!

Girls is one of those TV shows that as long as it’s on their air, people are going to talk about it. Which of course means it’s amazing and awesome in it’s all around drama goodness! We’re all complex people and the characters on Girls are crazy complex. They do wild things for weird, non-sensical reasons, which of course leads to kick butt TV! So if you haven’t already… why haven’t you? Watch Girls! You won’t be disappointed.

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