The Walking Dead Season 7 Vlog: Rick an Immortal?

The Walking Dead Season 7 heated up last night. It begs the question, is Rick immortal?

Rick is finally back on track. The first half of season 7 it was all about him wanting everyone to think that he’s going along with Negan. This happened in the comics and the show continued the trend. I know why they had Rick act that way but I was ready for him to be bad ass!

It’s been a while since we’ve truly seen Rick as bad ass! This past week he fought a jacked up zombie to prove to the junkyard people that he could do anything! He had a spike through his hand and pulled it out and continued to fight that zombie. It was great! I’m so glad that Rick is back to his old ways and that he really does believe that he can do anything!

All of our survivors need to fall in line with Rick especially Rosita. She is the one person that right now we would not be disappointed it she died! She’s just unhinged! She’s the reason why Eugene was taken and seriously she better ruin the attack on Negan!

Rick can definitely do anything right now and we love that! He’s definitely feeling immortal and that’s what he needs to defeat Negan! We can’t wait for this to all unfold! A good old Rick Vs Negan battle is inevitable! WOO! Can’t wait kids!

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What do you think of Rick’s swagger?

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