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Ultimate Guide For Tea Lovers : 7 Unique Finds

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Just in time for the magical love holiday, Valentine’s Day, is the ultimate guide for tea lovers! Anyone who enjoys tea will love one of these gifts. We have 7 unique finds that are absolutely amazing and wonderful for tea.


Whether you have a burgeoning tea lover or an experienced tea connoisseur in your life, the gift of tea is a great one to give. Our ultimate Guide for Tea lovers has seven unique finds that will spice up everyone’s tea time experience. A hot cup of tea is fantastic and there are so many different ways to prepare and enjoy your tea.

I love all styles of teas, but my favorite is a hot cup of fancy loose leaf tea. I’m also an avid ice tea drinker, specifically Boba teas. Having a Boba tea set at home has been on my list for a long time, so now its time to get one! My daughter loves it and I think it’d be so fun to make it with her.

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Beyond the tea itself, our guide for tea lovers has accessories. It all begins with having a great tea kettle and recently I bought myself this one and I absolutely love it. I’ve had a ton of different tea pots in my life, but this one shines the brightest. I love that the handle is wooden because I can take the tea pot off the stove and not get burned!

Lose leaf tea is such a different experience and one that I highly recommend. This sample set looks delicious and amazing and has nine different flavors of tea. If you’re diving into lose leaf tea for the first time, then you definitely need these strainers. Once your tea collection starts to grow like mine, you’ll need a storage box and I love this zen bamboo box to keep all of my tea bags organized. Snag them all if you dare and remember, BuzzChomp is an affiliate for the items listed below. It’s time for tea!


Ultimate Guide For Tea Lovers


Loca Valentine Boba Kit

Boba Tea is one of my favorite fun drinks! I’ve never made it at home, but I will now. This kit looks amazing. It’s definitely on my own list to buy and I can’t wait to make this for my family.

Buy It: Loca Valentine Boba Kit ($39.50 on


Goodful Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

I recently purchased this tea kettle and I love it. The wood handle makes it easy to handle when it is hot, which is such a big plus for me. I have no problem using a pot holder, but my old tea kettle was just too hot. I love the look of this and it’s easy to clean.

Buy It: Goodful Stainless Steel Kettle ($29.99 on


6 Piece Tea Strainer Set

If you’re going to dive into the world of loose leaf tea, then you need a few of these. They are easy to use and it’s a nice change to pack your own tea. These are super easy to use and clean as well.

Buy It: 6 Piece Tea Strainer Set ($8.99 on


Heavenly Tea Leaves 9 Flavor Variety Pack

I love sample sets like this because of the variety of tea leaves. The best part about lose tea leaves is that a little goes a long way. They expand with the water, so you don’t want to use too much. A rule of thumb is to fill up your strainer or tea pot strainer between 1/4-1/2 way depending on how strong you want it!

Buy It: Heavenly Tea Leaves Variety Pack ($34.99 on


Zen Earth Large Bamboo Tea Box

I love tea boxes so much. They easily showcase your tea collection and allow you to pick with ease. This one is super simple and holds so many tea bags. You can organize it however you like. I find the wooden ones to be extremely nice, versatile, and hold up.

Buy It: Zen Earth Large Bamboo Tea Box ($44.98


Japanese Matcha Latte Tea Set

Matcha lattes are my favorite. They are simple and easy to make at home, but you do need the proper set up to make them. You do not want to drink a chunky Matcha latte. Whomever loves Matcha in your life deserves this set.

Buy It: Japanese Matcha Latte Tea Set ($33.95 on


12 Piece Tea Cup Set

These tea cups are absolutely beautiful. I love fancy cups like this because they remind me of tea parties. My mom has the most beautiful tea cup collection and this set here gives me major vibes longing for those tea cups. If you’ve never had a set before, this is a great intro.

Buy It: 12 Piece Tea Cup Set ($39.99 on


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