Tonight’s Debate on Youtube and Positive Impact of Social Media

When I mention the positive impact of social media on the debates. What I am really trying to convey is the number of people reached. Younger voters who are online 99.9% of the time (including me) will be reminded everywhere online of the debate. (I mean of course I knew about it ) I was on Youtube and saw the debate will be live streamed. Nice. All of those who cancelled their cable because they have internet and Netflix can still watch the debate live. You know who you are.

It’s smart all the way around for Youtube to get millions of viewers and the candidates to reach a broader audience.

In 2008 the Obama/Mccain debate was broadcast to Youtube as well. It was suggested that Obama did so well because of his popularity on Youtube. Anyone remember Obama Girl? I believe Obama’s 2008 campaign set the online tone for 2012 as well. Romney’s message can be heard on all of the social networks too.

A challenge could be made. Can you win a campaign without social media?

The debate starts tonight at 6 pm Pacific 9 pm Eastern time. Watch here on Youtube.

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