Time for some personal Spring Cleaning!


Spring is in the air and what better way to take advantage of Daylight Savings Time than by purging your life of all the unnecessary clutter. It’s time for some personal Spring Cleaning! Not only is a literal cleaning out of our closets important around this time of year, but a solid mental cleaning needs to happen. Hit that refresh button.

Take some time to assess yourselves, kids. Really take a look at yourself and decide what the one thing you keep putting off accomplishing in your life actually is. That one goal that always appears on the top of your list. Make it happen! Now is the time to accomplish it through some solid, personal, spring cleaning.


Get yourself into a solid mental space, as many of us loose this over the winter. It’s easy to get jaded when it’s snowing and cold, or just raining a lot. Let it go. Make sure you take some time for yourself daily, even if it’s just spending ten minutes to sit down without any phones, television, computer, etc. Let your mind do a little meditation and let it relax. You need to train your mind, just like any other part of your body. It especially needs to be trained to rest and to let go of the daily minutia. Exercise is great for this and running, while a wonderful physical activity, always gives my mind the peace it needs. It relaxes me and afterwards I feel ready to take on the day with a clear head. Find yours! Find that one thing that gives you mental freedom.

Clear out those cob webs. Make sure you’re not hanging on to your old physical goals! It’s really easy to hold on to physical goals, and often it’s a big reason for not achieving them. Do you ALWAYS have that last ten pounds to lose? Do you ALWAYS want to start running or working out? Let those old goals go; put them aside and make it happen! If you’re still looking to lose ten pounds, really assess your physical activity as well as your diet. Are you challenging yourself at the gym? Do you need to eat those chips or candy? So many times we lie to ourselves with these types of goals. Let that all go and open yourself up to honesty. Tell yourself the truth and watch as your physical goals get accomplished, one by one.


Do things differently. There’s a saying that goes something like this: Repeating the same action over and over, expecting a different result, is insanity. We all have habits and we all like doing things “our own way,” but what if your way doesn’t work? What if it’s never worked out? You always come up just short of your goal, OR always have the same goal on your list. Get out of your comfort zone kids and try it a different way!

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Doing things differently is the simplest way to clean up your life, but it’s also the hardest thing to do. I’ll give you a personal example; I worked a part-time job that I hated for years because it was flexible and mindless. But I very much disliked it. I didn’t even tell people that I worked there and was convinced that I needed this easy job. At the beginning of this year I quit! I didn’t need it anymore. I was holding onto it for no good reason and since quitting I’ve replaced it with two easier and more rewarding jobs. DONE kids! I kept thinking I had to work it because it was part of my money-making routine. Silly silly. I’m so much happier without it and I’ve reached so many more goals since leaving. Once I realized that working there was just repeating a bad habit over and over, it had to go.

Any form of Spring Cleaning is positive. It shows you, in an honest way, what you have in your life. It’s the best for helping you let things go and moving forward. That frees up your life for new adventures, new goals, and ACTUALLY achieving what you want. Let go of your old story. Clean that bad boy out and welcome new success!



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