A Christmas Story

I know this is not a new movie but because of the time of year I feel it should be looked at again and again and again.  In 1983 the second best Christmas movie ever was released.  The best of course is, It’s A Wonderful Life.  A Christmas Story encompasses the kids point of view of Christmas better than any movie ever made.  No debate.  Don’t even try it.  If you do try, I will shoot your eye out with my Red Ryder BB gun.  If you haven’t seen A Christmas Story then stop what you are doing (of course finish reading my review first and all the other cool stuff on and then go watch this movie.  Even though the movie is 27 years old and is set in 1940’s America, it still stands the test of time.  GO NOW AND WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

A Christmas Story: 4 out of 4 Eyes (No broken eye lens)

That being said, I want to wish all you fans out there a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!   (That of course if the world doesn’t end this Friday)

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