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The West Wing Revisited S1E2 onslaught. We hop right back into the drama and there is a lot of it in this second episode. The President does not have a good approval rating, does not have the support that he needs, and at the end he’s devastated over the loss of his doctor.


The West Wing Revisited S1E2 onslaught. This episode is full of drama, drama, drama, as I am getting that all the other episodes will be. We learn right away that the President does not have a good approval rating. Though Josh does get the Senator that Mandy, his ex, was working for to drop out of his Presidential bid. So that’s a huge win for him.

The West Wing S1E2 Reaction

Let’s all just take moment and admire how good Rob Lowe looks in this show. I love his character Sam. He’s righteous and right now he’s on a mission to save the call girl he slept with in episode 1. He also does not think it’s anyone’s business that he slept with her because he didn’t know she was a call girl.

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There is a hint of romance for CJ when she shuts down the reporter who comes to her about Sam and the call girl. I hope she gets a romance. Josh also interviews a new bag man for the president. I’m excited to see where his character goes.

The Vice President and the President don’t seem to get along and there is a bit of tension when they talk about him. The actor who plays the VP is great and I’m excited to see where his character goes. I

I love how righteous and good the President is. They make sure that they show us he is a good person and he wants to do what is right for the country. He’s very upset when his doctor is killed. What are your thoughts on S1E2. Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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