The Walking Dead: We’re Not All Negan!

The Walking Dead’s most recent episode ‘Same boat’ reveals that we’re not all Negan!

This week was all about us getting to know another group of Saviours. A common theme among all them was this “we’re all Negan.” They definitely are all very loyal to Negan and believe in what he believes in. A big similarity to our group of survivors is that they’re loyal to their own.

This episode picked up right where the other one left off. Carol and Maggie captured by the Saviors and now taken to a “safe house.” Carol plays her innocent act once again and the lead woman is so baffled by this. Little does she know that she really should be scared of Carol and Maggie. They slightly understand estimate them which is a little naive considering that Rick and everyone just slaughtered their people.

There is a big difference between the Saviours and our group of survivors and that’s humanity kids. The Saviours can’t understand why Maggie would want to have a baby in a world like this. It’s because even though Rick and the group have done some ruthless things they still pursue living in a world that resembles what they used to have!

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