The Walking Dead S7E1 Reaction: So Much Blood | BuzzChomp TWD Vlog

The Walking Dead S7E1 reaction! So much blood kids! Our Buzzchomp TWD Vlog is back!

OMG kids! We’ve waited all summer long! We’ve hypothesized who Negan killed and what Negan would be like. The show DID not disappoint!

Negan was just as badass and ruthless as he was in the comics! This episode was so gruesome kids! First we have the Abraham death! Ugh, heartbreaking kids! And just when you think it is over then he out of nowhere bashes Glenn’s head and poor Glenn’s eye pops out of it’s socket and Negan just let’s him sit there!

This episode kicked off Season 7 and kicked off Negan’s entrance into this world right!

Comment on our video and let me know what you thought of this episode!

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1 Comment

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