Summer Picnic on the Go!

July 4th is coming up and it’s time for picnics and BBQs kids! My favorite kind of summer picnic is super simple. Pack it up in a backpack, hop on your bike, and ride down to the beach!


Beach picnics are the best! They’re so much fun, especially on a nice long weekend. If you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach, it’s even better to ride your bike down to the sand. Here in Los Angeles you can even take the train down to the beach now. It’s even easier to have an awesome summer picnic and be able to spend the whole day down at the beach, frolicking in the sun!

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The best part about an on the go picnic is that you can get creative! You don’t have to just pack a sandwich with a bag of chips. Nope! Break out the good stuff kids. I love buying some brie and french bread and bringing that deliciousness out with me. I also am a huge turkey pepperoni addict! You can munch on that while you’re at the beach as well. Get some fresh fruit, like strawberries or peaches, and you’ve got yourself a nice light but filling lunch!


Another favorite of mine is making a delicious pasta salad, like this recipe here. Put your salad in Tupperware and easily bring it with you. You can do the same with potato salad, or just a good old regular big salad! I love bringing light and healthy foods with me on my picnics, especially when you’re headed down to the beach and it’s hot outside! Chopped up carrots and celery are perfect for your beach picnic, as well as a ton of other veggies. You can really have fun with it.

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Even though I love getting creative, sometimes its easy to just make a sandwich. So I always try to make it a bit fancier: turkey, brie, french bread and spinach go great together! Throw a few pickles in a zip lock bag and you’re golden. Add an apple, orange or peach for a perfect complement to your more traditional picnic lunch.

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I’ve been thinking about upping my picnic game by investing in one of these picnic backpacks. How cool, am I right? They are perfect, especially if you want to have a fancy beach picnic! If you’re a drinker, you can even bring wine with you. It’s a great accessory and perfect for your on the go picnic! Let me know if you get one before I do.

Basically I’m obsessed with on the go picnics! They’re so much fun, especially if you love to be active on your long weekend. It’s such a nice reward. You can be as creative or as simple as you want to be! Don’t be afraid to just go for it. A favorite of mine is to bring a lot of different little things and have a more snacky lunch with lots of options. These are great if you’re wanting to stay healthy too. Often we let ourselves indulge for “holidays,” even though good food doesn’t have to be bad for you kids!

Stay healthy and active this summer! Pack your bag up with food, put your bathing suit on and ride your bike to a park or the beach! Have fun and be creative!



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