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What’s the best thing about being a human being? Quick, don’t think too hard. What separates us from all other species? It’s both a gift and at times our curse. Still no idea? We’re cognizant of all our thoughts and feelings. We’re aware that we’re born, we live, and then we die! Can you image what life would be like if you couldn’t think? Oh no! I don’t even want to think like that! Because we recognize our thoughts and feelings, we can control them. That’s right people! Learning to control your thoughts and feelings leads to being a positive person. Stay positive!

Years ago the Secret was all the hype. I watched the film and I read the book. I dug the whole concept; what you put out is what you get back! How simple is that and it’s true. Have you ever said you wanted something to not happen and then it goes ahead and happens and you curse the world for your “bad luck?” You’re upset that the thing you most wanted not to happen happened. Well hold up now people. You ain’t being positive! That’s right, it’s that simple. You’re in control. You dreaded the negative result, never nurtured the positive one, making it happen by consequence. If you constantly dread something then of course that dreadful event will happen to you. It’s all what you put out into the universe!

Being positive is always better than being negative. It feels better, looks better on us and makes those around you better. We all need to realize that our bodies harbor our thoughts and feelings. Think bad things. Bad things happen. Let stress overcome you and stress will negatively affect your body. There is one thing in this world that we can control and that is our thoughts! Hold up now? Am I really saying that we can control our own thoughts? Of course you can silly! Damn, what a concept.

Keeping positive is the same as staying fit! We have to make sure that we protect our mind as well as our bodies. Stress, negative thoughts and fears hinder us from being as mentally fit as we can be! Let’s not forget, in the end it only hurts the individual to be negative just like it only hurts the individual to be out of shape. You are that individual so take control. Positive thinking goes a long way.

I’ll admit, I’m a people watcher. It comes along with my job as an actor. I’m always so intrigued by the reasons why people act and react the way they do! Time and time again I’m amazed at how many people are not positive and how they spew their negativity out into the world. Sometimes directly at me. Hey now! Take that negativity back! We really should spray the world with positivity! Spray it like a skunk and never stop. I challenge you all to follow my lead; when you have a negative thought, push it aside. It’s not going to help you, and why should you do anything that isn’t going to help you get to where you want to be! Stay positive and you’ll be a healthier and happier person! Yes!

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