Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep7 Reaction | Wilford Our Savior

Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep7 apparently gave the people what they want. Our reaction video focuses on Wilford, our Savior. For all of Wilfords manipulation, brutality, and sheer selfishness, the people of Snowpiercer want Wilford and my mind is blown!


Snowpiercer Season 2 Ep7, Our Answer For Everything, shows us that the people truly think Wilford is our savior. My brain still needs to wrap my head around how after the class brutality of 7 years that these people could still want Wilford. It’s definitely a bit of Stockholm syndrome! Make sure you check our full reaction video.


The first non shocker of this episode is Till confronting Logan. Of course Logan is Wilford’s person on the inside and when Till confronts him Logan and her fight. Knowing that Till has got him, he freezes himself! It’s a bit anti-climatic and I think it wasn’t a good move to have him commit suicide like that instead of face the consequences. But they did it.

The big thing here is everyone supporting Mr. Wilford. The most amazing shot of the series came in this episode. We see the train spiraling through the track and people lit red lanterns is support of the Wilford. The train shows they want Mr. Wilford. I think this is a bad move for the train. Why would they support him? They fought so hard to disband the class system and now they want it back. I don’t like that.

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No Melanie this episode, but I’m dying to know why they left her on the side of the tracks. I’m still thinking that Wilford dies, but maybe not at the end of this season. Who would be our villain then? The only way it’d work is if they completely open up the series and have them get off the train.

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This episode of Snowpiercer is good. It adds more pieces to the puzzle and we see more of Wilford’s manipulation. The whole Kevin thing is crazy. Alex is torn between Wilford and Melanie. Audrey “supports” Wilford and is convincing him that she’s on his side. Wilford is definitely convinced by the end of the episode. I don’t think Audrey really supports him!

Next episode looks like it’s will be a battle! Will this end with the train leaving Melanie on the side of the tracks? Make sure you watch our full Snowpiercer season 2 Ep7 reaction video! Share with me your thoughts!


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