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It’s that time of year when the winter drags on. Living on the east coast, in the mid-west, or even the south, this year equaled a lot of snow and bitter cold. During what feels like a never ending winter, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. But don’t give in, don’t embrace the rut. Make a small change and get out of that rut kids! One small change equals big change down the line and will change your life for the better!

Personally, I get complaisant around this time of year. Winter does it to everyone. Yes I know, I’m in Los Angeles, the land of sunshine, but it’s still winter and I’m equally as guilty of becoming lethargic. At least I used to be! This year I am not letting myself get complaisant. I’m making small changes in EVERY part of my life, breaking the cycle one change at a time.

In terms of fitness, I’ve added 30 day challenges into my normal workouts. They are so awesome! I recently finished my 30 day wall sit challenge and am now on the hunt for a new fitness challenge. Almost every challenge ends with a five minute hold or five minutes of an exercise. This totally adds a little extra to my daily workouts and builds up to a great goal! I’m constantly switching them up, always working different muscles, mental and physical. Not only do they add to my fitness regimen, they keep me focused. I now crave doing a new challenge EVERY month! This small change has created a habit of daily fitness, a big change in the long run.


Regarding eating habits, I started the year going thirty days without any added sugar. Now I’m TOTALLY aware and even more conscious of sugar in my food. I haven’t gone back to my old ways at all, nor do I want to. I don’t eat Laughing Cow cheese anymore. I don’t snack on chocolate chips anymore. I’m not tempted to have ice cream in my freezer and consistently contemplate whether or not I should eat something based on the sugar content. This small change, eating foods based more upon sugar content, will become huge in terms of my overall health.

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I love making small changes, adding little things to my daily life. Another thing I’ve added is a mental change; I’ve been changing my reactions to things. It’s easy to overreact when something goes wrong, or someone says something you don’t agree with. Changing your reactions takes time, and I’ve been implementing this change for a while now. It’s something I didn’t like about myself before; I could switch on a dime from happy to mean if someone spoke words I didn’t agree with. It’s not who I want to be, so I changed. I don’t argue as much, especially with my man. Anyone who has been in a long relationship knows that bickering is a bad habit and exhausting. No more kids! One small change that I’ll keep reminding myself to do until it is eradicated from my life. That’s a big change.


Whatever it is kids, make ONE small change before the end of February. Mix it up and change it up. Even if it’s just cutting out a food you know isn’t good for you, or simply extending your workouts by five minutes, do it. Add ten push-ups into your morning routine. Shut off your phone fifteen minutes before bed. Make any small change and you’ll see big results!

Trust me kids, get out there and make a change this week. You won’t be disappointed!



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