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The NBA season begins as October ends, meaning we have your NBA tip-off edition of sports quotes. Round seven is all about basketball. They said what? sports quote game where you can play along.

Todd is ahead after six rounds, but its a marathon, not a sprint.


The rules at Seesaw Sports are as follows: Player one presents player two with a sports quote.

– The quote can be about sports
– Can be said by a famous sportsman
Can be both about sports and said by a famous sportsman, but NEVER neither one

The quote is given, along with three hints as to who said it. These hints can be anything from when the quote was uttered to facts about the speaker.

Player two then responds with their guess as to who said it and a brief explanation surrounding their conclusion. A correct guess is worth one point for player two. An incorrect guess is worth one point for player one.

The score after 6 rounds: Todd – 8 points and Dan – 4 points

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The NBA is back, so try this basketball quote on for size.

“We’re going to turn this team around 360 degrees.”


Hint one: This was said by a well-known NBA player.



Hint two: He said this upon being drafted into the league by the Dallas Mavericks (which may give you more information than one hint should!).



Hint three: He no longer plays in the league but is still employed by one of the 30 franchises as a head coach.


Who was this extremely talented yet mathematically dense speaker?



I was surprised to find this was uttered by an NBA player, considering all the silly quotes coming out of baseball history. Then you said he was drafted by the Mavericks and I thought I knew the answer.

Your final hint solidified my guess, right or wrong.

This was stated by none other than Jason Kidd, the current head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks after fleeing the Brooklyn Nets for money and very few other good reasons.



I knew that second hint was too juicy! Yes, Jason Kidd is the correct answer.

By telling you he was drafted by the Mavericks, it implied a few more pieces of information than I should have been willing to divulge.

Not only did you know the team that picked him, but you also could deduce the relative time frame of the player’s career based on when Dallas would have had a high pick coming in looking to turn around lots of losing.

Jason Kidd


Score after 6.5 rounds:
Todd – 8 points
Dan – 5 points


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