Riding the rain of life!


It’s winter here in Los Angeles and sometimes that means rain. How fun! Often though, I think of rain as a bummer. I can’t help myself. After living in Boston and trekking through the rain at least once a week, it felt unpleasant. I now revel in the absence of rain, but I know that’s silly. We need the rain, especially in Los Angeles. And rain is amazing! As I watched it pour the other day, I embraced its beauty and relished in the rain. It made me think how I was riding the rain of life!

It’s easy to think of rain as dreary and no fun at all. But think harder and you’ll remember why you love it! For me, I remember a time in my childhood when my Nana was watching over me and my brother. It was pouring and I’m not sure how, but we convinced her to let us go out and play in the pouring rain. It was amazing! I remember jumping in huge puddles twice my size that engulfed half my body. I remember splashing and laughing and how fun it was to get wet. It was one of the few times I actually played in the rain, but why don’t we all go jump in a big puddle or frolic in the raindrops? Why do we close ourselves inside when it rains? Isn’t it always like that, with the weather and with life? When it rains in any facet of our lives we just hold up inside.




No more people! We can all ride the rain of life. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing when it rains, that’s our choice. Like the rain that helps our vegetables grow, replenishes our water supply, preserves the earth, and contributes to the whole cycle of life, the rain that interrupts your life can be just as nourishing and bountiful. It’s easy to look at the rain of life as difficult, but it will ease your life to look at the rain as easy! This time of year any minor disruption to our lives can appear to spoil the holidays, but don’t let it. It’s our choice! Look at the disruptions as raindrops fertilizing your life, helping you to grow and cherish all the wonderful moments and memories.

No matter where you find yourself in life, cherish where you’re at. You’ll never be here again. Remember, all those gadgets and accessories don’t make you happy. You have the power to make you happy. The people in your life have the power to help you be happy. It truly is the thought that matters. Ride the rain and smile.




I’ve decided that from now on, in my own life, when it rains I’m going to enjoy the puddles. I’m going to enjoy the mess and the water. I’m not going to get upset. I’m not going to hide out. I’m going to embrace every moment of my own personal rainstorm and relish in it. It’s a part of life, a part of all our lives, and rain is a blessing!

Learn to ride life’s highs and lows and every experience will help you flourish! Enjoy this time of year and don’t let anything or anyone take away your joy! Ride that rain kids.



Make sure you’re riding life’s roller coaster one day at a time!
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