Pretty Little Liars – to Plea or What the hell ‘A’


It’s Fangirl Friday and it’s Pretty Little Liars edition. The most recent episode To Plea or Not to plea left us what a big What the hell ‘A.’

OMG kids! Are we REALLY going to get a big A reveal? It’s looking like that but I can’t help but feel jaded from PLL always only half answering a question.

I still don’t think Mona is dead and I think she has a LOT to do with A. I also don’t think Ali is as innocent as she’s making off to be. Let’s also hope Hanna stops being so dumb, tampering with evidence, and getting herself thrown in jail.

Pretty Little Liars you better not TEASE us with a big A reveal only to leave us wanting more! Answers please!

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Happy Fangirl Friday and Pretty Little Liars I’m super nervous of the big A reveal!



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