Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode full of Suspense!


It’s Fangirl Friday and this week was Pretty Liars bonus Christmas episode and boy was this a suspenseful Christmas!

Pretty Little Liars teased us with an extra episode three weeks before the new season comes back! It was a Christmas Carol infused episode. Boy they played with my emotions. How can I hate Ali so much and feel bad for her all at the same time? Not cool! Not cool at all!

Will the PLL’s figure out who killed Mona? She still has the upper hand and is leaving messages beyond the grave! OMG kids! We can’t wait for the new episode January 6th! We’d LOVE some answers! Who is A already? And who killed Mona?

Mandi loves throwing it back and loves Vlogging:
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It’s Fangirl Friday and Pretty Little Liars teased us with their Christmas episode!


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