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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale reaction vlog! 7×10 episode was SO GOOD!

OMG this was one of the best episode of the series! There were DEATHS, there were big reveals, and of course we were left with a major cliffhanger! RIP Toby! You will be missed but we had a feeling you were getting killed off.

How about that blind house? What was that all about? Jenna and Noel are totally rogue and unhinged and what did that lead them to? Well it led to a whole mess and one of their deaths! YES kids! Noel Kahn RIP but you were a creep and you had deseeded resentment for the girls. All from high school? REALLY? You definitely should have let it go!

The summer finale set up the last ten episodes of the series to be awesome! We now know who Mary Drake’s daughter is and Jenna will be on the run so you know she’s going to come clean to the girls to try to clear her name!

Comment on my video and let me know what you thought of the summer finale!

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1 Comment

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