Pretty Little Liars – Songs of Experience Excites!

It’s Fangirl Friday Pretty Little Liars Edition. Songs of Experience.
FINALLY some insight into who Charles is. It’s not Andrew Campbell who was released this episode and so pissed at our little PLL’s. He was “trying to find them” the whole time the police were searching for him. This still doesn’t add up for us. Why was he creeping on the girls all last season? Why were you spying on Spencer’s parents?
A or Charles is back to his old ways. He threatens our little liars if they talk to the doctor! YEP, he’ll kill Sarah if they talk. UGH. The Liars still playing into Charles.
Charles AKA Charlie was apparently Jason’s imaginary friend or that is what his Dad told him when Charles had to go away! What is the matter with this family? Why would they ever tell a boy that his brother was his imaginary friend? That’s just so not cool. If you caught the scenes Ali says her Dad said Charles is dead well OBVIOUSLY he is NOT. So there is another mystery there.
Pretty Little Liars keeping with the theme of getting answers only to raise more questions. Will we find out what happened with Charles on Tuesday? I hope so!

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Happy Fangirl Friday! More info to come on Charles TUESDAY!

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