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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 it’s Not Yet Game Over!

The series finale of PLL is coming kids! Just less than a week away and we’re to believe the game with A.D. is over. The game is not over. We still don’t know who A.D. is!

The show will be forwarding itself again a year into the future. We’re to believe that A.D. is gone. Let’s not forget that we saw A.D. leaving town with her little liar dolls. A.D. has to come back with a vengeance. That is the FINAL game.

A.D.’s EndGame was to figure out who killed Charlotte which was Mona. That was no surprise there but A.D. still needs to reveal herself/himself. The Charlotte connection has to be revealed as well as the Aria connection.

Whoever A.D. is has to have a strong connection to Aria. A.D. singled out Aria. That is the biggest clue to who A.D. is. That is why as of now we think it is a big possibility that it is Ezra! He wanted Aria to let go of her friends after they blacklisted her. That would make sense if he was A.D. to single Aria out to turn on the girls and to use himself as the reason.

The game is not over yet kids! Pretty Little Liars Series finale is almost here! FINALLY we will find out who A.D. is!

Who do you all think it is?

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