Pretty Little Liars – Bin of Sin unraveled!


It’s Fangirl Friday and Pretty Little Liars Bin of Sin episode is unraveled!

OMG kids! This episode infuriated me! These little liars need to stop being so dumb. They’re totally playing into EVERY one of A’s moves. At this point any one of them could have Mona murder pinned on them! These girls need to get it together and FAST and stop touching everything!

Pretty Little Liars has kept me on the edge of my seat and I NEED some revelation as to who is A is and what Ali’s role in this whole story is! Please give us some answers! ASAP!

Mandi is a true Fangirl and loves Vlogging:
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Photo credit tohttp://www.m3tv.ca/ & http://cf.foreveryoungadult.com/

Happy Fangirl Friday and Pretty Little Liars give us answers please!


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