Pretty Little Liars: Back to Basics in Rosewood

Pretty Little Liars is BACK! In the five years forward debut it’s back to basics in Rosewood!

This episode started off slow but in pure PLL fashion ENDED with a bang! They’ve restarted the formula we all fell in love with and we’ve got another murder kids! Charlotte gets out of jail only to be murdered. Of course this is how the liars will be back in rosewood for the next season and a half. Just like before all will think one of them killed CeCe.

Our bet is on Sara Harvey even though next week’s episode looks like all eyes are going to be on Aria. Girl did not want CeCe out and definitely is still openly coping with what CeCe did to all them!

We’re ready for the text messages to start and a new mystery!

Mandi is a true Fangirl and loves Vlogging:
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Happy Fangirl Friday! Can’t wait for Pretty Little Liars!

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