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Five Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffers Ideas


The Holidays are upon us and who doesn’t love some fun and unique stocking stuffers?

It’s so easy to make a perfect stocking for your girlfriend, wife, or significant other. You don’t even have to break the bank people!

Stockings are fun to fill with tons of presents, plus they feel extra thoughtful. Candy and treats are great stocking stuffers, but this list has items they’ll love all year long

Here are five perfect stocking stuffers ideas!


Soundbot stocking stuffers

Soundbot SB510

This is a perfect Bluetooth speaker! You can put this bad boy ANYWHERE. I bought one and use it in the shower. It’s perfect for a music lover. It’s perfect for a workaholic. You can answer your phone in the SHOWER! It syncs with your phone via Bluetooth and you can play Pandora, iTunes, iheartradio,, etc. So many options for your shower enjoyment. You can put this bad boy anywhere, so if you’re not into shower radios then put it in your kitchen or bedroom. The possibilities are endless and who doesn’t want to listen to music all the time!


Leggings stocking stuffers

Basic Black Leggings with a flair

Modern Kiwi leggings with a zipper; these bad boys are perfect. You can’t go wrong with black! They have flair with those zippers and you’ll totally get compliments on them. You can dress them up with a cute pair of heals, or dress them down with a cute pair of flats. These will be your GO TO leggings! And their not breaking the bank like other fashion leggings. Snatch them up people!


Primal Paste stocking stuffers

Primal Paste – Lavender

I’ve been on the hunt for an organic deodorant and finally found this one. It’s AMAZING! I’ve heard horror stories about other organic deodorants, but Primal Paste works great. It’s vegan, all natural, and it is amazing! I used to sweat ALL THE TIME. Any time the temperature rose a bit. But with this bad boy I don’t at all!


Nailpolish stocking stuffers

China Glaze Nail Polish Snow Globe

New Years Eve is around the corner and your nails NEED a flair! I love these type of polishes. You can have so much fun with them. If you’re super creative, you can do this slightly like a french. Or do a soft layer which is always fun. Really, this will spice up your nails and make you happy!


Aveda-Control-Paste stocking stuffers

Aveda – Control Paste

I’ve been using this bad boy for years! I love it! It’s awesome when you’re straightening your hair and awesome when your hair is curly too. Plus, my man started using it and loves it, so this is perfect for men or women! The best part is, you only need to use a little bit so this bad boy lasts forever!

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Enjoy being Santa with these five perfect stocking stuffers! Happy Holidays!


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