Check out “Out of Sight” by The Spyrals. Now.

In the Details by Ashley Berry

Have you ever had a friend tell you about a band or a song that they’re sure you’ll love only to not get around to listening to it for eons, and then upon listening to it, you kick yourself for not checking it out way back when and wonder how you’ve made it this far without having it on loop? This happens to me all the time.

I would actually have no any idea what was new and good out there in the music world if it weren’t for all of my friends who have impeccable taste and the patience to continually remind me to check things out. Luckily, they do keep reminding me and due to the persistence of one such friend, I finally got around to checking out, Out of Sight, the sophomore album from San Francisco-based garage rock trio, The Spyrals.

Out of Sight, which was released last summer on 12” vinyl through Mock Records, is an entrancing sonic blend of 60s-era psychedelic rock and blues with delightfully gritty vocals and lyrics courtesy of lead singer and guitarist Jeff Lewis.


Check out the full album below right NOW, unless you’re dumb like me and decide that you will get around to it later. No really, do yourself a favor and check it out. Right now.


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