Only Murders in the Building S3E7 | New Clues

Tobert looks SO guilty! He’s the obvious choice, now that Dickie was thrust at us as the “obvious” suspect. Its all lies! Only Murders in the Building season 3.


I’ve been screaming about Dickie all season, but now he was thrust in our faces as the prime murder suspect. New clues reveal he was adopted, hated Ben for stealing everything from him, lied about the man arrested for the murder, and he even bought the blood soaked hankie. Anything this obvious feels like a ploy. Only Murders In The Building season 3.

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Only Murders in the Building pushed Loretta in our faces as the first suspect. It shoved the gifted handkerchiefs in front of us as well, meaning both are red herrings. Now its pushing Tobert at us and Joy. They’re all red herrings, so we must dive down a new rabbit hole full of cookies and pure white. I’m betting on a cleaner mystery, since they pulled the scorned lover stunt last season. Where did our evil producers disappear to? What about brother Dickie? Or Charles?


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only murders in the building


Ben died on stage, but then he arrives alive to the after party, only to die again down an elevator shaft! Only Murders in the Building keeps us guessing with some obvious red herrings and no clear answer on who murdered COBRO. They told us it was Loretta, so if she’s never mentioned again as a suspect, then we know its her! Did she enter the White Room too? Just like last season, shove the answer in our faces only to distract us into forgetting about it.

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Only Murders in the Building season 3 wants us fall for each and every tiny scrap of evidence, no matter how bad they may be. Who killed Ben twice? Will they kill again? Keep your comments coming and then check out our video on episode 7.


only murders in the building


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