No Added Sugar 30 day Challenge


It’s no secret that Americans have a sugar problem. It’s everywhere! It’s in what we eat and drink and sometimes we don’t even know that it’s there.

Added sugar has not only made people fat, it’s also made us a much sicker nation. Not good people, not good. I read and read about added sugars in 2014, so much so that I decided for the first month of 2015 I would consume NO added sugar in my diet.

I will be writing about my journey as well as video blogging daily, with the vlogs coming as the challenge progresses. Let the No Added Sugar 30 day challenge begin!




The rules for my 30 day challenge are pretty simple. No foods with any added “sugar.” Obviously that means cutting out candy, chocolate, sugar cereals, ice cream, pastries, cookies; you know, all those blatant sugar items. BUT it also goes much deeper. No more salad dressing, flavored yogurts, protein drinks, soda, flavored lattes, granola bars, certain breads, frozen meals, pre-made sauces, etc., etc. I’m sure along the way I’ll discover many more things that I cannot eat. It’s amazing how many foods have added sugar! I’ll definitely be using this cheat sheet while reading labels: Simple rule, very challenging.

Why embark on a No Added Sugar challenge? Last year I read lots of articles and reports saying that refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Yes, cocaine! This got me thinking; I do not consider myself to be addicted to sugar. Can I remove added sugar entirely? I kicked my Diet Coke habit a few years ago and never looked back. BUT that was nothing compared to this; we all eat sugar that we don’t even know we’re eating, and we all eat foods that have way more sugar than we realize. I read food labels, but most of the time I was looking for saturated fat and calories. I wasn’t looking for added sugar. Only in the last year did I look for sugar, and I was overwhelmed. The daily recommended amount of sugar is 25 grams. Many of us have that at breakfast!

My No Added Sugar challenge was also inspired by a blog I read about a family who went one year without any added sugar in their diet. A whole year! That’s dedication. That’s no sweets, no birthday cupcakes, and being extremely aware of what you buy and where/if you eat out for an entire year. I thought a year was a bit much and my 30 day No Added Sugar challenge was born.




Here I go, on my own healthy journey! I’m excited to see the difference in my diet and my lifestyle. I’m curious to see how my body will react. Will I crave sugar? Can I go this long without chocolate and ice cream? Will my palate change? Will there be a food that I’m shocked to find out has added sugar? So many questions equals lots of fun for you and for me.

I know one thing for sure; after only a couple days of the challenge I’m already way more aware of what I’m eating. I know as I progress through January I’ll need a plan of what snacks and foods I can eat, especially when I eat out, or if I unexpectedly find myself in need of a snack. I used to carry a granola bar with me, but let’s face it, those are out of the question now!

I’ll be documenting my whole experience through videos and more blog posts, as well as sharing interesting findings! Pictures will be taken, foods will be discarded. My No Added Sugar challenge has begun.


Feel free to join in on my journey and let me know what you think! Leave lots of comments, suggestions, foods to avoid, or personal experiences. Here’s to a healthy and fit 2015!

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Join my No Sugar Added 30 Day Challenge!
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