Mix To Match: Mix Up Your Clothing Patterns, Colors and Textures

Mixing and matching your fashion pieces, is the best way to exhibit your style personality.  I for one, love mixing floral print with polka dots or stripes.  It’s a popular trend in editorial magazines, or on runways, but many average Joe’s and Jane’s shy away.  There’s always  questions of which prints to partner together, and would other people shake their heads in disapproval.

I recommend thinking of mix and matching, as a art project.  Play around with your garment textures and prints, and whatever you feel is right, is your mixed match.  I know it sounds easy, but in your mind, it still seems difficult.  My best rule of thumb; whenever you are mixing patterns, try to stay within the same color story.  If you have the same colors in each of your prints, it usually guides the mind away from the pattern differences.

Another trick, would be to mix up the size of your prints.  For example, if you have black skinny jeans with large red roses and green stems, you can pair them with a black blouse that has small red or green polka dots.  In this example, you have married together a large graphic print with a small print, and they work because the colors were all related.

Patterns aren’t the only fashion items you can mix and match.  You can mix your fabrics (soft with ruff) or you can mix your era’s 1920’s with a 1980’s twist.  All it takes is some confidence, and a little bit of thinking outside the matchy matchy fashion box. If you think about it, matching cheetah print with more cheetah print, does nothing but make you look like a Cheetah.  Lay your clothes out together, and start creating pattern puzzles. Trust me, it’s a a lot more fun.

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