Lovecraft Country Episode 9 Reaction | Back to The Future

Lovecraft Country episode 9 reaction springs back to the future. This season has been so flawless and this episode brought a lot of issues to the forefront.


Lovecraft Country episode 9, titled “Rewind 1921” reaction is all about going back to the future. Of course, Tic, Montrose, and Leti have to venture into the past to get the book, confront their demons to save Dee! Make sure you check out my full reaction video.


This episode is just so fabulous! To save Dee they have to go back to 1921 and the Tulsa Massacre! This is an extremely sour spot for Montrose, but he has to go to help save Dee.

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The best part of this episode is that we truly see so much more of Montrose. By shedding his vulnerable side, Montrose became his father. Even though he opens up to Tic confessing that all he ever wanted to be was his father, he didn’t treat Tic like he should have. Instead he wanted to harden him up and make sure he wasn’t like himself.

Leading up to the season finale now Tic and Montrose can relate to one another. They are on their way to mending their relationship. At the very least, Tic can see what happened to Montrose.

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Lovecraft Country had so many back to the future moments, but it truly happened between Montrose and Tic. While watching the young Montrose, George, and Dora surrounded and attack, they patiently wait for the Stranger to come save the kids. Of course, the stranger is Tic. This moment defined Montrose and George, but also Tic!


I loved this episode. It confirmed my parallel universe theory and finally Hippolyta back! Lovecraft Country episode 9 did not disappoint. Watch my full video and share prediction for the season 1 finale!


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