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Los Angeles Traffic Rant | 5 Ways To Cope with Traffic

It’s time for our Los Angeles Traffic Rant. I’ve got five ways to cope with traffic, because ‘As If’ am I right? It does not have to ruin every day...


Los Angeles traffic can be a drag and anyone who has spent any sort of time in LA has their own Los Angeles traffic rant. It doesn’t have to ruin your day that’s why we have our 5 ways to cope with traffic.

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When I think about traffic in LA, I always think about the Clueless quote, “everywhere in LA takes 20 minutes.” While that is true, with Traffic it is not. Our first tip is to plan it into your day. There is no reason to not give yourself more than enough time.

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There are so many great areas of Los Angeles and I was always told live where you work. That’s our second tip. A trip from the West Side to Pasadena and vice versa can take forever in traffic. While I love living on the West Side, if I worked in Pasadena I would make sure I lived there! There are so many great things about each area of the city.

Traffic is apart of Los Angeles and it looks like it will be for the foreseeable future. Don’t let it ruin your day or your time in LA. LA is an amazing city, but it has a way of breaking you down a bit.


Check out our 5 ways to cope with traffic and share with me what you do to deal with it as well.


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