Independent Filmmakers Rejoice: Amazon Wants To Fund Your Movie

Amazon the largest online retailer has gone Hollywood. They’ve created Amazon Studios and are willing to look at your script. Yes you can compete with the large studios now. If you do upload your script Amazon gets an exclusive 45-day option. Up to $200,000 for purchasing feature films and $50,000 for a series. Not too shabby.

Amazon where have you been all my independent movie making life. C’mon people how many of you have a script that might be shelved because a studio executive passed. Dust your scripts off and upload it to Amazon. Seriously, 45 days is worth it.

Using the technology they developed as an online retailer, to find out customer interests, they can do the same with movies.(aka crowdsourcing) Now people will get what they want or thought what they want.

I think this is great. But, will we lose risk-taking movie producers like Robert Evans? (What if the world had no Chinatown or Love Story?)

Of course that won’t happen.  The big studios aren’t going away.  Audiences always need new stories.   Amazon has developed a way to give it to them.

Now if one of these movies flop, I can see the headlines now, it’s definitely the directors fault because our statistical data showed you would really love this.

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