I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 2 Predictions

I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 2 predictions are here! At first I didn’t think there could be a season 2 of this show. I thought it was a one and done, but after the whole season played out I definitely think a season 2 of this show could be explosive!


I Know What You Did Last Summer season 2 is definitely possible and we’ve got predictions! Even though they laid out everything that went down this season and how Margot did it, I still think season 2 could be epic. The ending of this show with Riley opening her eyes definitely gave us so many possibilities.

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Our biggest prediction is Riley. If she’s alive then she can totally be our true vengeance killer. This could really pay homage to the original film. Riley can don the rain slicker, hat, and hook (she only has one hand). She truly has a reason to want to ruin all of their lives.

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A season 2 will also give Allison another chance to come out as herself. Margot knows of course and so does Dylan, but Allison/Lennon took it back. Margot is along for having everyone believe Allison is Lennon. The best twist here could be if Allison/Lennon teams up with Riley and gets their revenge on Margot.

I Know What You Did Last Summer had a solid season 1 and that is why we’re excited for the possibility of season 2! Share with me your own predictions and check out our quick prediction video.

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Last Summer Season 2

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