Healthy Snacks: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Snacking!

I love snacking. It is one of my favorite ways to eat, but there are so many pitfalls. Join the Healthy Snacks Club by avoiding them with me!


I read an article recently stating how our current society snacks more than any of the previous generations. We have a myriad of snack options, which is awesome. But snacking has also led to an obesity problem. That doesn’t mean we can’t snack! I love snacking and have put together some simple ways to avoid the pitfalls. Join the Healthy Snacks club with me!

Let go of how you were as a child. I was a snack machine as a child. I was a very skinny girl with a fast metabolism. It felt like I could eat anything, not get full, or gain weight. I loved that, but it led me to snacking a lot, especially in high school. I would eat breakfast at home, grab a pastry at school, eat my bag lunch, as well as get a treat from the vending machine or fries from the cafeteria, have an after school bag of chips, dinner, and a post dinner snack. Once I went to college, I quickly learned that even with working out, I couldn’t maintain that eating schedule. Once I was honest with myself about that, I changed the way I ate and snacked.

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Portion control your snacking. This is a big one. Portions are very important when it comes to eating. I find that some snacks I can eat a ton of. I love chips and I could literally polish off a whole bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. You’ve got to realize this and eat the serving size. It’s super easy to eat 3 times the serving and not even realize. The more you do this, follow the serving size, the more you’re going to be able to eat. You won’t even realize that you’re binging on the chips until it’s too late.

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Become a grazer. Grazing can be an effective way to lose weight. The idea behind it is that you eat smaller meals throughout the day. Grazing gives your body the chance to digest fully, while keeping you feeling full and satisfied longer. Make sure you’re grazing on healthy foods!


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Skip processed foods. Processed foods are obviously a gift and a curse. The idea behind them is to have food that keeps longer and serves a wider area. It brings food to the masses, which is great. The execution has obviously led to obesity and overpriced foods. Remember that a home cooked meal always tastes better. Homemade lasagna is way better than microwavable. The same goes for all of those processed items and honestly, it’s cheaper to buy all of the ingredients for lasagna, make a big batch, and freeze the leftovers for future meals!

Plan for snacking. If you’re on the go, then you definitely need to be aware when you need to eat. I always bring snacks with me. It allows me to have something healthy such as fruit, carrots, or a portion controlled cheese and crackers. It makes it so that I’m not ever so hungry that I need to go buy a bag of chips, fries, or pastry.


Avoiding the pitfalls of snacking is easier than you think. Most of the time it’s simply being aware of when and why you snack. It’s also pre-empting your snacking desires by always being prepared. I love to snack and as long as I’m honest with myself, I can definitely continue my love of snacking. Join my Healthy Snacks club!


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