Goodbye Twitter Favorite Button

On Twitter the once widely known Star “Favorite” button may retire soon. Twitter is experimenting with a limited number of users with a Star “Like” button. However, hasn’t the Like button caused a heap of trouble over at Facebook? One man got fired. Also, isn’t it nice that Twitter is different by using “Favorite” while Facebook uses “Like”? Do we need all of these social networking sites to be exactly alike? Even Pinterest uses a “Like” button. Has Pinterest’s growing popularity caused Twitter to stop and rethink itself? Twitter has 1.16 Billion dollars in funding. You are doing the right thing by being different Twitter. Don’t fall for the peer pressure just because you want people to “Like” you.

People love Twitter for its brevity, and simplicity while getting your 140 character message out the door.  Isn’t the button controversy  just a game of you say, “Tomatoe I say Tomato?”

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