Game of Thrones: Quick Thinker


[These GoT pieces will always contain TV spoilers but never novel spoilers as I have not read a single sentence of any of the Song of Ice and Fire novels]

The last episode of Game of Thrones took place two weeks ago because of the Memorial Day holiday. However, even a fortnight out, it still sits fondly in my belly as we witnessed perhaps the most pleasing and, dare I say, happiest moment of the entire series.

Prince Oberyn announced to the imprisoned imp Tyrion that he would be his fighter and champion for the upcoming trial by combat. This decision by Oberyn was not made out of overwhelming admiration for Tyrion. Instead, he chose to fight for the purest of reasons: revenge.

Nevertheless, the outcome is still the same. Rather than be forced to fight for himself, Tyrion will instead be defended by one of the most fearsome champions in all the land. The latest GoT episode went out like a sitcom on ABC, where everything always has a happy ending (except, ironically, the show Happy Endings, which was canceled a little while back).


Prince Oberyn


It was the first time I can remember that Game of Thrones ended so pleasantly. There have been fun scenes before; we have seen good things happen to characters we like. But this is the first time a genuine moment occurred that wasn’t meant to horrify the audience…which leads me to believe the trial by combat won’t go as smoothly as everyone is anticipating.

In a ‘normal’ show, Oberyn would fight and defeat the Mountain. That much is obvious. But only in Game of Thrones would such a happy outcome be followed by Oberyn getting slaughtered and Tyrion losing his trial, AKA getting slaughtered as well. I’m not necessarily expecting this, but my emotions are steadied for the possibility.


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