Game of Thrones: A Precursor in Review

(These GoT pieces will always contain TV spoilers but never novel spoilers as I have not read a single sentence of any of the Song of Ice and Fire novels.)

Season four of the HBO drama Game of Thrones premiered last Sunday night. A strict recap of the series’ episodes seems beneath us at the Cultural Pinata. Instead, we will attempt to do the unthinkable: portray events for the upcoming/unseen episode by recapping what has already taken place. In the biz, this is known as a “pre-view.” Clever, I know.

Heading into episode two, airing Sunday April 13, the Stark family is on the rebound! Can’t count them out just yet. Arya just experienced her first barroom murder with a revenge stabbing, and, well, that’s pretty much all the good news. Sansa is still a sad sack, Bran didn’t even grace the screen in episode one, no one knows the other brother’s name, and everyone else is dead. Perhaps rebound was too strong a word.

Moving forward, there are only two avenues for Arya’s storyline. One: she becomes everyone’s favorite character (if not already), and goes on a killing spree, becoming the Omar of Westeros. She’s the unlinked stick-up artist, traveling for revenge because everyone’s got to have a code. Two: she gets killed very soon.

I suppose a third possible outcome for Arya Stark is a combination of both, where she becomes everyone’s favorite outlaw and then gets killed.

As for the only other Stark child of note, Bran’s future is as unpredictable to me as was his past. I still have no idea where he’s going, what he’s trying to accomplish, who the brother and sister with him are and what their goal is, etc. All I know is Bran got pushed out of a window, supposedly to his death, by a character everyone now likes much more than Bran himself.

As for Jamie and the rest of the Lannisters, things are getting awkward. Everyone has moved on from Jamie even if he did not move with them. Tyrion is also being left in the lurch, but that isn’t anything new. Perhaps some sort of brother team-up is in the cards, between the two outcast Lannister boys. They either need to get back in Tywin’s good graces before the dragons make it across the sea, or they need to pack up and get somewhere safe.

Of course, I suppose it would be hard to find safety with dragons approaching, unless Bran can warg his way into a dragon’s mind. That would certainly make for a quick ending to this television show: Bran takes over the mind of a dragon, kills all the Lannisters and whomever else wants claim to the throne and goes on his merry way. There must be something I’m missing with this whole warg business.

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